An industrial location in a verdant setting with flexible, export-oriented businesses.


The region for medium-sized businesses in Germany!


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The gateway to the world is wide open! Siegen-Wittgenstein has direct access to both national and international commercial hubs in the Rhine/Main und and Rhine/Ruhr regions. The A4 and A45 motorways ("Sauerland route") intersect right in front of our district's industrial centre. Siegen-Wittgenstein is situated in the heart of Germany.




A long-standing tradition as a commercial and industrial location has left its mark on the people. The working population here has gained experience in industrial production and is receptive to the demands placed on it by the business world. Skilled personnel in the region are characterized by rational thinking, technical expertise and the ability to act on a basis of mutual benefit. Expertise which also accounts for the wide selection of quality and service-oriented financial and consultancy service providers throughout the region.



Tradition and vision

Manufacturing industry forms the economic backbone of one of the oldest industrial regions of Central Europe. Siegen-Wittgenstein's perspectives as a location lie in supplementing this focus through innovative ventures, for example in the fields of surface, sensory and environmental technology, or in the plastics technology sector.



Quality of life

What makes a region a good place to live and work? Strict commercial standards have an important influence on the location decisions of any business person willing to invest. However, potential locations are judged according to a variety of factors. One of them is the question: Where am I going to find a place where I would like to live? The district of Siegen-Wittgenstein provides good answers to this question.




A summary of the advantages of Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein as a location


Excellent transport links with the rest of Europe:

  •  Direct access to the European motorway network (BAB 45 Dortmund-Frankfurt, BAB 4 Cologne-Olpe)
  • Siegerland Airport for regional traffic (20 minutes drive from Siegen).
  • Three major airports nearby: Frankfurt, Cologne-Bonn and Düsseldorf (each an hour's drive from Siegen)
  • Rail connections to/from Cologne, Dortmund/Hagen and Giessen-Frankfurt
  • Good public transport services (bus and rail) infrastructure.

Industrial region with flexible, export-oriented small and medium-sized businesses:
The prime region for SMEs in Germany. Flexible, medium-sized companies with strong export orientation: Plant manufacturing and engineering (over 65% for export), centre of the European roll technology industry (approx. 70%).
German centre of sheet/iron processing, German centre for plastic-coated and hot-dip-galvanized sheet metal production. Centre of excellence: new products created from new materials, "Innovationsinitiative Kunststoff" (Plastics Innovation Initiative), development of the "wood" value-added chain in the most forested district in Germany, use of renewable energies.
Working hand in hand: the scientific and business communities

  • Academic research and development focusing on applied science at the technology- and media-oriented University of Siegen.
  • College graduates with practical training, thanks to close cooperation between the university and the regional business community, offering excellent internship opportunities close to home. Practical cooperation between medium-sized businesses and the University in the area of research, major focus on SME research (Siegen SME Institute). 

Excellent healthcare:

For example, first in Germany for clinical care for infants!
First-rate vocational training opportunities:

  • The University of Siegen focuses on the applied sciences. The Academy of Further Education in New Media in Siegen (FAM) provides scientific further education in the field of media and communications.
  • Education and vocational training in Siegen-Wittgenstein: Focusing on practical experience and application!

All categories of training are provided close to home and a federally accredited, needs-based, regional association of over 30 vocational training centres, featuring state-of-the-art training equipment.

Excellent quality of life:

  • Relatively affordable housing and home ownership, reasonably priced building plots.
  • Living and working in a healthy environment: 64% of the district is woodland.
  • Above average air quality, excellent drinking water, low crime rate.
  • Varied highlands landscape: several nature parks and 3,500 km of marked hiking trails, including the new ridge trail, the Rothaarsteig© - Path for the Senses.
  • Outstanding environment for children's development, with kindergartens, schools, music and art academies and children's clinics.
  • Good social structure, with a wealthy population.




Cultural traditions:
Culture in the provinces - offering more than you might expect: an above-average number of art exhibitions. Numerous galleries and museums (including the Museum of Contemporary Art - Media Dialog). Impressive off-theatre productions. An active music scene. In addition: KulturPur, Germany's largest theatre and music festival in a natural setting! Media projects, whose quality and quantity surpass those in comparable regions in Germany. 

A wide variety of opportunities for sports and leisure:
A wide range of over 53 different types of sports: From sailing and gliding to water and winter sports, and featuring golf (18 hole golf course) and tennis.


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