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This Internet site is made available to you by the made-in-germany.com AG internet portal (referred to below as the "AG" (company)). The information available via this Internet site about the AG and about third parties has been compiled with great care. However, we cannot guarantee that this information is wholly accurate or complete. The AG accepts no liability for errors in the material on this Internet site.

By accessing the site, you accept without restriction or reservation the following "General terms and conditions of use". 

Information on data protection


  1. General
    1. The AG respects the privacy of each visitor to our Internet site. We would like to inform you about data that the AG collects and how it is used. You will also be told how you can check the accuracy of this information and how you can arrange for us to delete this data. The collection, processing and use of the data is effected in compliance with the legal data protection regulations of the country in which the body responsible for processing the data is based. We take the necessary precautions to guarantee this.
    2. This information on data protection does not apply to websites on the Internet which you may reach through hyperlinks on our website.

  2. The collection, use and processing of personal data
    1. We only collect data for processing and use on a personal basis if you volunteer to enter such data or explicitly give your approval. In such cases you implicitly accept the following conditions for use.
    2. When you visit our website, certain data will be stored automatically on our servers for the purposes of system administration or for statistical or security purposes. This includes the name of your Internet service provider, in some cases your IP address, your browser software version, the operating system of the computer used to gain access, the website from which you visited us, the websites you visited from our site and, where applicable, the search terms you used to find our website. In some cases this data may provide information about a particular visitor to the website. However, personal data obtained in this manner will not be used. Such data is only used anonymously. If we pass data on to external service providers, technical and administrative measures are taken to ensure that this data is passed on in accordance with the legal requirements for data protection.
    3. If you voluntarily provide us with personal data, we will not use, process or transfer this data for any purpose beyond what is legally permissible or has been explicitly approved by you. We will only pass on your data if we are legally obliged to do so by instructions from a court or other authority.
    4. Any changes to our "Information on Data Protection" will be published on this page. This means you can find out at any time what data we are storing and how we collect and use it.

  3. Security
    1. We will keep your data secure and take all necessary precautions to protect your data from loss, abuse or modification. Contracting partners of the AG who have access to your data in order to provide you with a service in the name of the AG will be contractually obliged to keep this information confidential and must not misuse it. In some cases it will be necessary for us to pass on your enquiry to our partners or to companies associated with the AG. In these cases too your data will be handled confidentially.

  4. Personal data about children
    1. The AG will not collect personal data from individuals under the age of 14. If necessary we will warn minors explicitly in the appropriate place that they should not send personal information to the AG. If parents or other carers find out that the children in their charge are providing us with personal data, we request that they contact us at the address below (see below, Point 6.) if they wish this data to be deleted. We will then arrange for this information to be deleted without delay.

  5. Cookies
    1. To simplify use of our website, we use cookies. Cookies are small items of information which are stored temporarily on the hard disc of your computer by your browser and are needed to use our website. The information contained in the cookies is used for controlling the session, especially for improving navigation and making a website more user-friendly. The cookies we use do not save any person-specific information. Most web browsers accept cookies automatically. You can avoid this by changing the settings on your browser. You can remove the cookies stored on your PC at any time by deleting the temporary Internet files ("Extras" - "Internet Options" on the browser toolbar).

  6. Your questions and requests/data protection manager
    1. Saved data is deleted by us when the legal or contractual storage period has expired or if the data is no longer needed. Of course you have the option of asking for your data to be deleted at any time. Of course, you are also entitled at any time to withdraw permission that you have given for personal data to be used or processed, with effect from that date. In such cases, or if you have any other requests in connection with your personal data, please send an email or a letter to our data protection manager, Mr. Arno Wied, Am Falder 4, 40589 Düsseldorf, Germany. Please contact us if you would like to know whether we have collected any data about you, and if so, what. We will endeavour to comply with your request promptly.

  7. Public register of processes
    1. The Federal Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG)) requires in § 4g that, in accordance with § 4e, a data protection manager makes the following information available to the general public in an appropriate form:
      • Name of the body responsible: made-in-Germany.com AG
      • Member of the board responsible: Manfred Krimpmann
      • Data protection manager: Arno Wied
      • Address of the body responsible: Schloss Elbroich, Am Falder 4, 40589 Düsseldorf
      • Purpose of collecting, processing or using data: "The purpose of the company is
        • to develop services of all kinds which can be used to promote and strengthen the marketing power and competitiveness of business enterprises. The primary aim is to develop solutions for medium-sized and export-oriented companies.
        • to provide services for companies, organisations and institutions from the fields of business, politics and administration and to make available the services, data and systems needed for this purpose.
        • to take initiatives to promote and strengthen the marketing power and competitiveness of predominantly medium-sized and export-oriented enterprises and to provide the services necessary to steer and implement such initiatives.
        • the global promotion and marketing of the Internet domains www.made-in-germany.com, www.made-in-germany.biz and made-in-germany.net or similar domains or media.
        • The company can carry out any transaction which directly or indirectly serves its commercial aims. It can set up subsidiary branches and take an interest in these or similar companies, organisations and initiatives".
      • Description of the groups affected and the data or data categories relating to them: data about clients, employees, employees of associated companies, employees of external companies (sub-contracted), leasing personnel, job applicants, external inventors or successors, suppliers and service providers, external customers, consumers and investors - where this is necessary to comply with the purposes listed under 4.
      • Recipients, or categories of recipients, to whom the data can be communicated: public offices such as health insurance schemes and professional associations, provided that appropriate legal requirements apply, external contractors in accordance with § 11 BDSG, external service providers, associated companies and internal departments as required to fulfil the aims of the company.
      • Statutory deadlines for the deletion of data: the legislators have imposed a number of obligations and deadlines regarding data storage. When these deadlines have expired the data will be routinely deleted. Data that is not covered by these regulations will be deleted when it no longer serves the purposes of the company.